Cyber Jihad


The FireEye has always one if its investigation eyes on the state sponsored and supported hacker’s groups. This time they eager to take us to Syria. What is happening down there? Allow us to introduce you with the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA), which is also known as the Syrian Malware Team (SMT).

These talented guys, according to the depressive findings of the busy littke bees in the FireEye, are having the time of their lives while playing with the improved version of the BlackWorm. This one has an official title the Dark Edition, which is a funny thing to hear. Malware is supposed to be dark by default.

As you probably know the good old BlackWorm is actually the RAT or Remote Access Trojan. It is worth mentioning that the old version had some “basic” damage options such as restart and shutdown function. With the new and improved version you can do whatever you like. Sky is the limit.

You can mess up with the firewall. You can adjust the account’s settings to suit you. In addition, you can move through the network as if you are on the highway. It would be nice to find out where the Syrian bad boys are planning a party and who is on their menu list. Cyber Jihad. What a nice term with the bad karma. Indeed.

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