Chip-And-PIN A Safe Win?


So, what happens when you play a stubborn game in the cyber security field? Well, you do not have to be a rocket scientist to answer this one yourself, do you? Sooner or later, this way or another, you learn the lesson in the most unpleasant and painful way. This is what is happening in the USA.

Why? How? For some unknown reason the USA Shopaholics still hy? How? For some unknown reason the USA shopoholics like to use the classic and definitely outdated payment cards, which run with a magnetic stripe. On the other side, we have the chip-and-PIN payment cards, or simply smartcards.

These smartcards come with the microprocessor chip, which is responsible for all the fun. It is worth mentioning that we do not imply that these smartcards are necessarily too much of a trouble for highly skilled hackers. What we are saying is that you have better chances with the smartcards.

SO, what is preventing the USA to run without a second thought into the safe arms of smartcards. Well, for the beginning the price of chip-and-PIN terminals. Not to mention hundreds of millions of cards, which need to be changed. Eventually, the frustrated customers will make them to do all changes.

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