Can a spam email eventually prevail? Well, that is entirely up to us. Let us see what our fellow users in the USA, UK, France and Germany are doing about it. First, let us deal with numbers, shall we? On the other hand, be prepared to accept an additional trouble in this story – the malicious URLs.

Yes, busy little IT bees the spam trouble strongly appreciates the company of the malware related URLs. If you are living in the UK and you get spammed, the chances are five to one against you that your spam will get you infected with malicious URLs compared with your friends in France or Germany.

The funny thing about this story, though, is that bad URLs do not go necessarily with bad emails. Therefore, in the UK the chances are bigger that you will get both spams and malware URLs. Nevertheless, in France and Germany you will get less spam in the first place compared to the UK situation.

What is happening with the USA in this spam story? Well, they are somewhere in between the UK and Germany/France statistical situation. While using your email in the USA you will get a little bit of both. So, where is the country where you can be spam and malicious URLs free? Any ideas?

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