Public Interest – Private Security


This year’s NATO summit passed under the blinding spotlights of the recent events in Ukraine. No wonder so many things associated with this organization went below the radars of our attention almost unnoticed. Yes, cyber boys and girls the NATO had enough time to discuss cyber security, as well.

Are you surprised or intrigued? Or both? The NATO Industry Cyber Partnership (NICP) has obviously decided to thoroughly change some things about its cyber security measures and structure itself. Well, when it comes to this one, we have two important questions to ask. Can you dare to make a wild guess?

The first one is naturally to examine the motivation for this “sudden” and surprising acknowledgment of cyber security’s importance. What went wrong? Or, maybe the NATO prepares itself for something huge. Russia or China, for example? The second question is definitely more important.

Why it has to be a private sector to handle these sensitive things on behalf of the NATO? What is happening with the top government agencies in this field? Should we be worried or flattered? Is this some kind of a recognition for a quality work or an indication of some new waves in the restless cyber sea?

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