The Broken Chains Of The Home Depot


Is this a new world record for the biggest commercial security breach? More than 56 million payment cards have been compromised. It is just like you have hacked the entire population of some of the largest European countries such as Germany, France or Italy. Let us focus on the aftermath of these events, shall we?

On the other hand, it would be wrong and unfair to blame it on all on the Home Depot. We can say that the Home Depot is actually a victim of the poorly protected and definitely outdated system. In a certain way we can dare to claim that is very likely that this negative event will have some very positive consequences.

It seems that we have been waiting for something like this to happen in order to seriously examine the possibility of introducing the latest smart payment cards based on the chip-and-PIN technology. Unfortunately, this would be the first time for the US customers enjoy all the benefits of this technology.

All is well that ends well. Can this also be true in the IT security field? Well, itndepends where you stand when a certain change occurs. For the 56 million users it is a weak comfort that this trouble was the very reason  for the new protection technology introduction. Better ever than never. How about this one?

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