Don’t Feel Free With The IC3


Who or what is the IC3? The IC3 stands for the Internet Crime Complaint Center, which was launched as the partnership between the FBI and the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C). It was supposed to protect you and work in your best interest. Then, how come the FBI has issued the warning about the IC3?

Well, it seems that we have matched our match with these hackers, who were able to disguise themselves as the IC3 itself. You cannot believe how detailed and credible they were with their plan. You were lead to believe that the IC3 is addressing you directly about the certain legal issue.

They ask you for some money to solve this matter without further troubles. People fall for it, because these hackers have done their homework properly. Now, the FBI itself has to warn you about this serious threat. So, what is the moral of this story? Well, there is more than one, that is for sure.

We should learn from these hackers. They were methodical, patient and above all, they examined the existing security system from A to Z. They have done our homework, actually. If they can do it, so can and should we. You need to know your enemy in order to defeat him. This is how it goes. Right FBI?

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