Hey Congress, This Is A Blackout


It seems that someone has just had enough of laws with lovely names for the media, but with the devastating consequences for the already compromised privacy. All cyber-eyes are on Congress right now. What is going to happen with a few quite notorious surveillance laws?

Both Freedom and Patriotic Act, in the name of our freedom and rights, ask from us to give up our privacy more or less, directly or indirectly. On the other hand, there are more than 1,000 websites and even more people behind them, who strongly believe that the days of greatest dangers are gone.

We have seen all kinds of protests. Some of them were quite simple and obvious, while others were surprisingly creative and complex. Can you protest with a code? This is exactly what is happening right now. Some busy little bees have come up with a brilliant idea to “block” the Congress.

Here is the catch. All users working or “coming” from the Congress will not be able to access quite a few websites. The only thing they will be able to see is a blackout message. Will it work? Time will tell, and in the meantime, this blackout protest is spreading like a wildfire all over the Internet.

Talk To The Hand


Here is one of the worst SF nightmares knocking at our doors, right now. More than 700 employees in one Swedish company are being offered with one extremely unusual and above all controversial choice. What do you say about an implant in your hand? Small and cozy microchip inside your own body.

These Swedish humans implant pioneers are not forced. At least, not for the time being. There is a recommendation from the manager’s level that these implants are supposed to ease their everyday’s working duties and use of machines. So, it is supposed to be a helpful and time saving tool.

Then, how come we are not convinced? Are we exaggerating or witnessing the first and most important manifestation of our brave, but bitter new future? We do not even dare to think what could happen to our already endangered and compromised privacy. Do we really need this 1984 scenario?

Is this supposed to improve our working efficiency or eliminate the last stronghold of our privacy? It just does not feel right, does it? What is going to happen to the workers, who refuse to comply with the new company’s implant policy? We were afraid, but this obviously happened too soon. Right?

One In Four


There are some impressive and intriguing statistics, we just cannot decide whether or not they are pessimistic or optimistic ones. We leave it up to you to decide. Here is goes. Buckle up for this ground shaking news. It seems that one in four hackers in the USA is actually working for the FBI.

Or, some other government agency. So, what is the trouble with this discovery? We hate to disappoint you, but you have no other choice than to look for the bigger picture. When you hear something like this, it can mean only one thing. The government is in the full control of the entire situation.

If you have so many whistleblowers deeply incorporated into the living tissue of the US hackers’ community, then there is nothing to worry about. Right? Or, maybe we are facing a much greater danger than the hackers themselves. What are your feelings about the state sponsored hackers?

We like to complain about the North Korean, Chinese or Russian state sponsored hacker groups. However, we tend to forget our own good boys in black, who are doing the bad things in the cyber world. What if this one in four is actually a hacker’s team leader? Who is responsible for all the trouble?

Don’t Feel Free With The IC3


Who or what is the IC3? The IC3 stands for the Internet Crime Complaint Center, which was launched as the partnership between the FBI and the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C). It was supposed to protect you and work in your best interest. Then, how come the FBI has issued the warning about the IC3?

Well, it seems that we have matched our match with these hackers, who were able to disguise themselves as the IC3 itself. You cannot believe how detailed and credible they were with their plan. You were lead to believe that the IC3 is addressing you directly about the certain legal issue.

They ask you for some money to solve this matter without further troubles. People fall for it, because these hackers have done their homework properly. Now, the FBI itself has to warn you about this serious threat. So, what is the moral of this story? Well, there is more than one, that is for sure.

We should learn from these hackers. They were methodical, patient and above all, they examined the existing security system from A to Z. They have done our homework, actually. If they can do it, so can and should we. You need to know your enemy in order to defeat him. This is how it goes. Right FBI?

You Can Hide, But You’ll Be Recognized


Do you recall how the updated FBI facial recognition technology was under the tremendous pressure and criticism as being extremely expensive and insufficiently efficient? It was even compared to the one used by Facebook. The most popular social network in the world apparently much bigger database in this matter.

For what is worth, the FBI was able to close the 15 years old case, thanks to this facial recognition technology. One notorious child abuser was caught in Nepal against all odds. This amazing story really makes you think seriously about the potential implications of the latest technologies.

On the other hand, we just got one more confirmation of an old and simple IT security rule. There are no bad technologies or apps, only good or bad people who use them this way or another. This is definitely something worth remembering and repeating as many times as possible.

Just imagine what we could do, if we were to use available apps and technologies for some other things rather than spying and advertising. Would not that be something to wish for? Until then, these kinds of events will be treated as lonely and positive incidents. Unfortunately.

The Cause Justifies The Means?


Here is a tricky one. When you read something like this, you usually end up with a huge question mark on your face. It seems that the FBI has been using spying programs in order to collect information about users on several websites and forums with the alleged pedophile content.

This is how we get to the point that unjustified means are being used for the justified cause. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to probably know by now that the Internet has become the most popular hideaway place and sharing mean for all kinds of cyber pedophiles. The FBI is definitely not an exception in this case.

However, the use of unauthorized or even prohibited methods in fighting some of the most troubling forms of crime is a little bit problematic. We can argue as long as we like. Pro et contra argumentation between the two parties with the opposite points of view will probably confuse you even more.

We are not saying that some of the pedophiles with a criminal record should be granted with an opportunity to sue the FBI. On the other side, the FBI and similar agencies should not be discouraged in their rightful efforts. Some acceptable modus has to be introduced. But how? We are not quite sure about?