The BlackEnergy On The Run Again


Who or what is the BlackEnergy? Well, to be quite honest, no one can tell for sure. We can only speculate. However, we can make a wild guess, which sounds extremely reasonable. From what it is known, the BlackEnergy has humble DDoS beginnings. Then, all of a sudden everything has changed for this group.

They have become more sophisticated. In addition, it is more than indicative that the primary targets were in both Ukraine and Poland. This somehow strangely coincides with the recent political and military confrontation in Ukraine. That is why the rumors about the state’s support were born.

But, which state? Well, you do not have to guess twice, do you? Russia is the usual suspect in this story. This does not imply that the USA and other NATO allies do not have cyber black ops teams of their own. Yet, when you have the government’s fingers involved, then the things become even more serious.

What is the point if we keep fighting the cyber menace, which has a state’s support and origin? Solving of all political crisis in the world will not eliminate all cyber threats. Nevertheless, we can certainly decrease their numbers. The most dangerous hackers are the ones wearing state’s uniforms.

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