Here is a breaking news in the world of cyber security. Kaspersky Lab has teamed up with Interpol and Europol. This can easily turn out to be a role model for the future private – public teams up. Undoubtedly, this is a dream team for the cybercrime field. So, what they can do together for real?

Well, with no exaggeration at all, the sky is the limit. On the other hand, what is the nature of this specific relationship itself? It is better to say partnership. Kaspersky Lab will involve all of its resources and even staff for the Interpol and Europol specific tasks. There will be so much work to do together.

On the other hand, we do not want to spoil the fun, but we need to ask some questions. If Kaspersky Lab remains to be the only Interpol and Europol partner, then this will not be a good thing for the cyber security itself. We would be more than pleased to witness more participants in this teaming up.

Why stop here? Let us bring FBI and other similar agencies to share their thoughts and requirements with the cyber security experts. If the hackers can hold their hands, or better to say fingers, while attacking our IT infrastructure, then how come our guardians cannot be on the same cyber page?

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