Symantec 1 & Symantec 2


Hey, what is happening? What is the meaning of all this? First, HP and Symantec decides to cut it in two. Why? Wait, we can understand what is happening with HP, but how about Symantec? HP Inc will deal with computers and printers. On the other side, HP Enterprise will focus on servers and Internet services.

Now, let us see what is the Symantec’s master plan? The first Symantec will handle the IT security stuff, as usual. The other, second, remaining, or call it what you want Symantec will be focused completely on the information management. Here is the catch. Does this mean there is no use to provide IT security services anymore?

Can you imagine a thing like the Kaspersky Lab and Kaspersky coffee? Enough is enough, and we demand to hear some answers. What is the use of information management, if you cannot ensure the protection of this information? For the sake of all of us, we sure hope Symantec knows what it is doing.

Huh, after these splitters, how about some mergers for a change? We are supposed to grow and combine, rather than to split. There is no way we are going to buy that this one will improve our security. What a lovely news for the hackers. They are definitely not into this splitting stuff. There is no malware cut in two. You always get the whole thing.

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