Thank You JPM, It’s Time For Our Next Snack


Once you try the flesh of the major financial institutions, there is no coming back to where you used to hack before. This is exactly what happened with the group, which paid an unexpected visit to the JPMorgan. And, they are after for some more VIP financial blood. This does not have to be necessarily all bad.

Why? How can we say such a thing? Well, there is some poetic justice in this one. No matter what kind of cyber tools they use, our good old friendly hackers are still the human beings. And, they get infected with the greedy virus too, sooner or later, this way or another. What more can we expect?

For what is worth, the hackers have started to mess up with the wrong guys. These institutions can afford themselves a luxury of hiring the very best cyber security experts. They make the money. They can make some extra to fight back with the vengeance. Now, let us see what happens in the aftermath.

This is how it works. You do not do something for real, unless the trouble knocks at your door. In the clash between the financial wizards and cyber crime master minds, you know who is going to prevail eventually, don’t you? We sure hope it is not going to include some collaterals. In both finances and among us.

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