I Am The Cyber Law?


Yes, we have modified the timeless movie line used by the Judge Dredd. You can rest assured that it is more than appropriate for our story. For what is worth, and it is worth a lot, the UK Government has launched a course about the cyber security especially designed for lawyers and accountants.

Well, no need to wait any longer, our hats off to this invaluable initiative. Someone has obviously put a finger on his forehead and said to himself, let us do something that truly works. Let us focus on a certain group and improve their awareness about the cyber threats and how to successfully protect from them.

We sure hope this will become a tradition, which will include more professionals not only from the legal and accountancy field. When it comes to the cyber security the proper prevention is the key. Just imagine how important the potential savings can be in this field. Better to pay for prevention than a cure.

Or, let us be a little bit more precise with this one, shall we? It is always better for an affordable cyber prevention, than to spend huge amounts for the expensive cyber cure, including the aftermath sanation process. There is a cyber law and cyber accountancy, but this is something completely different.

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