Simplicity Atrocity


The hackers do not move in mysterious ways. They prefer simple and effective methods. What is the best way to obtain a private information? Well, all you have to do is call and ask, as simple as that. Or, even better. Just leave a message and your victim will get back to you. Even simpler. Right?

Well, for what is worth, the latest phone scams leave you the extremely realistic messages. Something like, your credit card reports some unusual activities, please contact our support and provide all necessary data. You are already panicking, and you do not have time to think twice about your call back.

They are counting on your fear. This is a reasonable reaction to the unreasonable consequences. Before you know it, you have said all there is to know about you to a complete stranger with some dishonest intentions. So, what can we really do about it? Are we completely helpless, or there is still hope?

Always think twice before you push the panic button in your head. Do not call the suggested number right away. Call the HQ or make some additional inquiries. Surprise your friendly neighbor hacker with your patience and reasonable decision during the hard time. Difficult, but definitely worth a try.

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