Internet Trolls And Prison Walls


Is there such a thing as the Internet Troll? Apparently there is. If you are an Internet troll and you are happen to be somewhere in the UK, you can easily spend some time in prison. To be a little bit more precise, instead of six months, now you are facing two years of jail time. Why? What for? Confused?

Cyber trolls are all about the virtual violence, which produces suffering and pain in the real life. We guess you do not need additional explanation, do you? The Internet trolls are all around us. We just do not call them these names or we are not fully aware it is a punishable crime. Is this a good idea?

On the one side, the new technologies ask for the new appropriate laws. On the other side, we sure hope that this new regulation will not take the wrong turn and pay an unpleasant visit to our privacy. That would be the worst case scenario in this situation. What can we do to avoid it in the first place?

That is the tricky part. Honestly, not much. What if your government thinks you are the Internet troll from its point of view, because of your political activism? This is a nice initiative, which has to be kept under a strict control. Or, otherwise we can all become trolls and orcs. They do not allow Warcraft in prison, do they?

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