Dr. Offline And Mr. Online


The immortal story about Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde just got itself an additional chapter. This phenomenon has become so much obvious that we cannot ignore it. Not any more. It seems that some people go through a complete transformation once they get online. Why? What is happening with them?

It turns out that the Internet and especially the social networks bring the worst in some of us. In addition, some people cannot recognize themselves once they evaluate their previous online behavior. Now you see that the analogy with the Dr Jekyll and Mr Story story is definitely not an exaggeration.

From the cyber security point of view, this can cause so many serious problems. The cyber villains are your friendly neighbors in the real life. There is no way you can guess what they have done, said or suggested in their online mode. It is just like you are chasing two completely different guys, one good and one evil twin.

So, why should we worry about what someone does in the cyper space? Well, it is only a matter of time before someone gets confused about the real and cyber life. Who will prevail? The good offline or the bad online person? What if the online mode of behavior becomes the dominant offline mode?

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