The CAID To Aid


The UK National Child Abuse Image Database (CAID) is good to go. We can only say, finally someone has done his homework as it should. All of this time we were bitterly surprised to witness all over again how we try to fight untraditional menaces with the traditional means. It is supposed to be simple.

Fight the cyber disease with the cyber cure. This can be quite an educational story. Right? Can you imagine all cyber security experts working as one team? Can you imagine more of these databases with enough crime categories? How hard could it be? You can rest assured that the criminals play a different game.

Their favorite brand is definitely the United Colors of Benetton, for a good and obvious reason. We can learn from them. You can save the world with a single database. However, you can certainly change with the quite a few crimes related databases. The crime grows where it feels safe and strong enough.

The cyberspace should not be allowed to become or be one of these crime-friendly spaces. Yes, you can type and upload against the crime. The cyber warriors for a noble cause can make a difference. Our hats off to the UK cyber wizards, who are protecting the children in both real and virtual playgrounds.

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