The Call of The Dark Cyber Side


The most recent scandal in the IT security community has raised quite a few eyebrows, while making us to examine one more time the unsustainable claim that hacking can sometimes be an ethical thing to do. So, what happened actually, and why it is so important for us?

It turns out that one young and promising IT security consultant had an “intriguing” hobby and a part time job. The “hero” of our story was creating malicious software solutions. In addition, he was selling them online. You can imagine the surprise of his colleagues at work.

To make the situation even more interesting and even funnier, this consultant was working on his own “case”. During his regular working hours, he was solving problems he created the nights before. This modern time Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde did not have a happy ending.

It is hard to say what is the proper moral of this unusual story. It seems that the call of the dark-cyber-side can be quite a strong one. This does not necessarily mean that we should play spy games with our friends and colleagues. However, we should be aware of the true power of the dark cyber side.

Bad Cyber Boys With Real Toys


How do you imagine an average hacker from your neighborhood? A harmless and innocent teenager, a little bit overweight, who spends days and nights on a keyboard, under the Coca-Cola and pizza delivery ambalage. Well, if this is a case, then you are both helplessly and dangerously romantic.

What would you say, if you were to hear that more than 60% of cyber criminals already have the real-life criminal record. How about this for a change? I am not a criminal in a traditional sense, I am merely a freedom fighter on a keyboard. This hacker’s statement is just so far from the reality, isn’t it?

So, what is the moral of our story? When you are a criminal, it does not matter where you get caught. The virtual world is not an excuse for the real one, and vice-versa. Do your best to keep it clean and flawless in both worlds. What is even more important forget about the wrong kind of empathy.

There is no point in feeling sorry for the hackers and all kinds of cyber criminals. We do not need fake heroes. Your friendly neighbor hacker has not hurt anyone in the virtual world, but there is a 60% chance that someone is suffering in the real world as a result of his wrongful doings. Think about it.

Click To Report A Crime


The busy little bees in the UK police force have come up with an intriguing idea. How about reporting a crime by using the Internet instead of using your phone, which is the most common thing to do in these situations by default? Would not that be a ground shaking change to the entire system?

For what is worth, the UK police believes that this new system of online crime reporting could bring some substantial savings in both time and resources. Of course, this new solution would be reserved only for the crimes, which are not extremely urgent in their nature or required response time.

On the other side, in order for this warning system to truly work it is necessary to develop a fully functional and above all a secure website. We do not even dare to think what could happen, if some hacker is to put false warnings on this system. So, what is the moral of this story? What should we think?

It is not so hard to come up with an idea such as this one. However, it is a completely different thing to see it running. There is so much work to do and so many practical problems to solve. Yet, that does not mean we are supposed to give it up. Right? The crime, we are supposed to fight against it. Together.

The Older, The Better


It turns out that the busy little crime bees in the UK have their must-have phone models. Pay attention to our words. Mobile phones, but not the smartphones. Why? The so-called primitive and outdated mobile phones are simply perfect for someone, who does not want to be tracked by the police.

For these purposes, the old and once extremely popular Nokia models are literally priceless for the UK crime lords. They do not have any of the modern smartphone features, which allows anyone to locate and follow their owners. In addition, they do not have to worry about recordings or police spying.

In addition, there is one more specific characteristic, which makes them to be the number one choice for the criminals. When it comes to these grandpa phones, the battery can literally last for days. This can be a matter of free life or time in prison, for someone committing crimes on a daily basis.

What do you know, the UK criminals are obviously going back to the basics of mobile phones. This can be a great story with the fascinating educational potential for the makers of smartphones. It reminds us nicely, what the modern mobile phones are to be all about in their essence.

VR Crime


No matter how hard you try, you simply cannot predict the entire scope of potential VR (Virtual Reality) applications. The time has come to fight the real crime with the Virtual Reality. How? Well, we can now identify potential sex predators more easily and much more accurately. Here is how it works?

The VR is all about the simulation. We simulate and then we evaluate. To potential sex predators cannot help themselves, when it comes to the potentially harmful impulses for the other people. When they commit a crime, it is pretty much too late to talk about the proper prevention, isn’t it?

You need a reliable, accurate and above harmless system of identification. The last thing you need is a potential Hanibal Canibal, whom you have to get close to the potential victims in order to evaluate his reactions. The VR world takes the care of it. You can simulate as much as you like in a safe environment.

We have all we need. Now, all what we need to do is to find the test subjects. The tricky part is to come up with the appropriate criteria. Unfortunately, no one told us how to conduct the selection process of the potential sex predators. For this one the VR cannot help you. You need real people to do it properly.

The CAID To Aid


The UK National Child Abuse Image Database (CAID) is good to go. We can only say, finally someone has done his homework as it should. All of this time we were bitterly surprised to witness all over again how we try to fight untraditional menaces with the traditional means. It is supposed to be simple.

Fight the cyber disease with the cyber cure. This can be quite an educational story. Right? Can you imagine all cyber security experts working as one team? Can you imagine more of these databases with enough crime categories? How hard could it be? You can rest assured that the criminals play a different game.

Their favorite brand is definitely the United Colors of Benetton, for a good and obvious reason. We can learn from them. You can save the world with a single database. However, you can certainly change with the quite a few crimes related databases. The crime grows where it feels safe and strong enough.

The cyberspace should not be allowed to become or be one of these crime-friendly spaces. Yes, you can type and upload against the crime. The cyber warriors for a noble cause can make a difference. Our hats off to the UK cyber wizards, who are protecting the children in both real and virtual playgrounds.

Thank You JPM, It’s Time For Our Next Snack


Once you try the flesh of the major financial institutions, there is no coming back to where you used to hack before. This is exactly what happened with the group, which paid an unexpected visit to the JPMorgan. And, they are after for some more VIP financial blood. This does not have to be necessarily all bad.

Why? How can we say such a thing? Well, there is some poetic justice in this one. No matter what kind of cyber tools they use, our good old friendly hackers are still the human beings. And, they get infected with the greedy virus too, sooner or later, this way or another. What more can we expect?

For what is worth, the hackers have started to mess up with the wrong guys. These institutions can afford themselves a luxury of hiring the very best cyber security experts. They make the money. They can make some extra to fight back with the vengeance. Now, let us see what happens in the aftermath.

This is how it works. You do not do something for real, unless the trouble knocks at your door. In the clash between the financial wizards and cyber crime master minds, you know who is going to prevail eventually, don’t you? We sure hope it is not going to include some collaterals. In both finances and among us.

Call Of Cyber Security Duty


No matter how hard you try, it seems you cannot unlock the mind of a hacker. Why? Well, you can try to predict the certain type of behavior, but they keep surprising you with the things they steal or hack. Here is a controversial case of the cyber theft, which makes it almost impossible to put all pieces of the puzzle together successfully?

So, what happened? It turns out that an extremely skillful hacker has paid a devastating and uninvited visit to both Xbox One and US Army systems. He or she, or eventually them, get into the possession of the Apache helicopter simulation program. Including the pre-release of the latest Call of Duty game.

The estimated value of these stolen goods, which can be classified as the top intellectual property stuff, is more than $100 millions. On the other hand, you can stop wondering. It makes a perfect sense that someone would like to steal the simulation program for one of the best military helicopters in the world.

However, what is with the Call of Duty pre-release? Maybe, our hero needs to relax after the hard work in his office? For the makers of this planetary popular game, this is not a funny story. In the real life hacking is not a video game. Once you end up in jail, you cannot restart the game from the beginning.

Hackers With The Government’s IDs


When the government gets its fingers in the hacking field in most of the cases you end up with the cyber terrorism. Yes, we are not exaggerating and that is the right word for it. When you examine the latest statistical data about the most serious cyber attacks, you simply have no other choice then to jump to certain conclusions.

The absolute majority of all cyber attacks in the northern and western Europe comes from Russia. On the other hand, the USA is the favorite destination for the hackers from China. Are these statistics merely a coincidence or a reflection of our seriously compromised political relationships?

For the certain types of hacker’s attacks a very serious IT infrastructure and flawless organization is an absolute must. Are we supposed to believe that our governments have nothing to do with these, and they are completely unaware of what is going on in the cyberspace? We are not that naive.

The hackers with the government IDs and the state’s blessing are our everyday’s reality, like it or not. We sure hope we will not be lost in the unprecedented hypocrisy where we condemn while stimulating at the same time the same type of cyber crime and attacks.

Cyber War Games by Deloitte


Here is something you do not expect to see in a company, which is a synonym for white collars and strict formality. For what is worth, the Deloitte Cyber Risk Service has introduced the new cyber war-gaming and simulation service. What does it do and what is supposed to solve in the first place? Well, Deloitte brings the cyber war into your company.

The main purpose of this simulation activity is to test your defense readiness and vulnerability points to a cyber attack as the closest possible to the real life situation. So, what is the catch with this one? Why do we have to pay Deloitte to play cyber war games? How come we cannot do it on our own? Deloitte has a nice answer to these questions.

Deloitte’s cyber war games are carefully designed and earth shaking events, which include all segments of your company, including top management and CEOs including all people involved in crucial business process execution. In addition, its scenarios are the closest to the real thing you will ever get to your business.

It comes without saying that is always better to simulate a cyber attack than to participate in one or experience it first-hand. Deloitte has an offer of top class cyber wars and simulations that are crying for some attention and honest appreciation. Better to go into a virtual war with Deloitte, than into a real one with merciless hackers.