Chloe’s Law


Does it really have to be this way? Do we really have to suffer from something malicious in its nature, before we finally act in order to protect the future victims? Unfortunately, the cyber world follows the footsteps of the real world, it should not have. We had to see Chloe’s suffering in the cyber world, first.

And then, to do something about it in the real one. Now, you will think twice before you make any threats on Twitter or Facebook, or anywhere else on the Internet. Instead of six months you are very likely to spend up to two years for these cyber crimes in the UK. Even if no harm is to follow eventually.

Is this fair? If you are asking yourself this kind of a question, then Chloe a famous UK model who faced rape threats on Twitter can help you with that. The days when you could publish all kinds of things that come across your mind online are long gone. Every threat hurts, whether it is a real or cyber one in its nature.

We sure hope that one day we will be able to witness the namless laws, which will have nothing more than a series of simple meaningless letters and numbers. The day when we see that there are no names associated with the new laws will be the day when no victims will be required for their birth.

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