Snapchat Snaps Money


Here is an intriguing, but also, almost an unexplainable thing with the tech startups. There is a mind blowing disproportion between their market value and their profit capacity. Snapchat is definitely among the most obvious examples in this field. This app has reinvented disproportion.

How? Well, for what is worth, the current estimated market value is somewhere around $20 billion. If we are not mistaken, the last time Facebook knocked at Snapchat’s door, we had an offer of almost nine or it was “only” six billion dollars? So, what is happening with the profit side?

Believe it or not, we are talking about only $3 million, not billion, just to make sure. It does not make any sense, does it? Who would pay $20 billion, for something that makes only $3 million a year? Well, you can rest assured that there is quite a long line of potential business bachelors.

Here is the last piece of the puzzle. It does not matter how much money you make as long as investors have a blind faith in your product or service. The Snapchat has more than $300 million in its bank account. So, they can certainly afford to turn down all takeover offers they do not like. Right?

To Serve, Protecte, And Hide, If Necessary


One of the latest rumors has it that Facebook managed to get its hand on the former chief of the Yahoo security system. Alex StamosĀ is supposed to do exactly what in Facebook? The same job he was doing in Yahoo. Right? Is Facebook in trouble? Should we be worried about our cyber security on Facebook?

If you scratch a little bit deeper underneath the Facebook surface, you will realize that it still cares about its users. In a profitable way, of course. That is why, anything and anyone to make users uncomfortable is not welcome on this most popular social network in the world.

Here is the catch. The list of most unwanted guests includes our dear government among other notorious men in black. This means that we will be safe from all kinds of spying and tracking programs made in the NSA or the CIA. If that is really the case here, then our hats off to Facebook.

We have to admit that we are a little bit suspicious. Facebook and Google have quite a negative reputation as being extremely “government-friendly”. They just cannot say no to the government, can they? Let us just hope that Facebook hackers will lose their job, thanks to this man Alex StamosĀ .

You’re In The Army Buddy


The Israeli army has new rules related to the proper use of social networks, while you are in the uniform. You are free to use Facebook and Twitter, including other similar media, but with the certain reasonable restrictions. Why all of this trouble with the armed social networks?

Well, you have probably heard that one reckless IS member had sent an invitation to US bombs with his reckless selfie. What you are going to do in your own free time is your thing. However, you should not jeopardize your unit’s position, including the complex and sensitive defense mechanism.

It is also worth mentioning that the same social networks can be used as a weapon. The Israeli army has one of the most sophisticated units for the cyber warfare in the world. That is why, we find a great deal of controversy in this specific do-or-not-do on social networks list.

We shall wait and see, how these newly imposed limitations are going to work for the cyber boys and girls in the Israeli army. Yet, there is some reason in it. You just cannot believe how many top military secrets we are ready to reveal so easily for a perfect selfie. Beware, because the enemy is watching.

Facebook vs EU


First Google, and now Facebook has some tough times in Europe. Why? What you can do to the USers, you obviously cannot even think of repeating to the EUsers. The Belgian authorities are protecting their citizens, who have been followed without their knowledge nor approval.

On the other side, Facebook claims that its HQ in Ireland entitles it to a special position in relation to the EU regulations. Seriously? What is that supposed to mean? The last time we checked, Ireland was still an island much closer to Europe than the North American continent. Right?

Outside the US homefield there are not too many rain-me-money markets for the IT giants. We are talking about Europe and China. The catch is that if you want to make money there, you have to play by the rules, whether you like them or not. As simple and as complicated as that.

So, what is going to be the most probable outcome of this cyber-quarrel? Well, you do not have to be a rocket scientist, nor an EU-law-guru, to figure that one yourself, do you? Facebook is going to cry, but eventually it will have to comply. Europe is a too important market to play stubborn games. 

Scrapbook = Kidsbook


Kids’ privacy is always in danger. The social networks are the notorious El Dorado for all kinds of children’s picture misuses. When it comes to this, Facebook is definitely not an exception. That is why Facebook has decided to do something about it, for real. Welcome to the new book – Scrapbook.

What is this book all about? Well, it is actually quite simple. Here, the parents can put their kids photo in one place. This option is open to all minors’ parents under 13. As you probably know, this age is a limit imposed for creating an independent Facebook account. So, what do we get in return?

Your kids’ photos get an invaluable extra privacy protection. The parents will have an easy task of deciding with whom and how to share these extremely sensitive pictures. Our hats off to Facebook for making it possible to have a book within a book. The invaluable extra layer of privacy protection.

We sure hope that the other social networks love their users’ children too. Save the children of social networks that is our next homework. We have to be dead serious about it. For what is worth, YouTube has already launched the special channel for kids only. We need more kids oriented social networks.

Gimme The Right Beat For My Tweet


Hey Twitter, what took you so long to come up with the proper Quality Filter for the harmful, negative, or harassing Tweets? Maybe, we have waited for the others to become sick and tired of all negativity. Or maybe, Twitter has a priority in fighting against the nudity and porn related content.

Now, the malicious content is the next thing on its list of future improvements. For this one we have to say, our hats off to you our dear Twitter. You are a little late, but we do not mind. At least, not too much. For what is worth, we would like to see, how it is going to work in the real social life.

You cannot possibly expect to eliminate all of those annoying cyber trolls, can you? However, you can minimize the damage by taking away their only weapon. Their poisonous comments. Right? It is worth mentioning that at this initial stage Twitter wants and plans to protect only the verified users.

How nice it would be to see what is next on this Twitter’s improvement list? When you eliminate the explicit content and negative messages from any social network, then you get a breathable and cozy cyber space. What are you waiting for? Try the new Quality Filter, as soon as you can, and get back to us.

Book Of Faceless Rules


Poor old Facebook, it has to add new rule pages all the time. This time, Facebook wants to deal with nudity and terrorism. In this way, Facebook has joined the anti-nudity-coalition. Google and Twitter have already made it perfectly clear that only artistic or medicine oriented nudity is the only acceptable nudity.

On the other hand, it is not a secret that the jihadists can be easily caught in the controversy trap. They are fighting all the evils of the Western society, while at the same time they cannot imagine a single day without the Internet. No Facebook or Twitter, no new recruits nor followers. As simple as that.

For what is worth, Facebook has decided to introduce a new strict policy, when it comes to promotion or glorification of terrorism. The Islamic State tried to launch its social network called the Book of Caliphate, but the Anonymous hacker group made sure it could not stay online for a single day.

Until the next time, and some next set of new rules. In the meantime, make sure you do not upload any of your naked pictures, including positive comments or even worse “likes” for the news about terrorist attacks. We sure hope that the number of rules will not exceed the number of users to aplly them.



We are not quite sure what went wrong with Facebook’s downtime the last time, or who is to blame. Yet, for what is worth, the consequences on a global level were impossible to be ignored. It turns out that the social network addicts had a rare chance for reevaluating their lives without Facebook.

So, what did we get as a result? You can survive without it, that is for sure. How you are going to feel in return is a completely different thing. Some Facebook users were painfully honest about it. You cannot even imagine how many real-life-likes were out there. Instead of buttons we used our smiles.

At the same time, we have realized that we are so deep in the cyber waters. Probably, too deep to admit it. What does it mean, exactly? We need Facebook so much that in a hypothetical situation or world without it, we would not have the other choice than to invent it again. Is this an exaggeration?

Well, we had hundreds of millions of users, who just could not wait for it to come back. The usual suspected haters were defeated severely. The world did not become a better place without Facebook for a couple of minutes. Maybe, Mark Zuckerberg was playing with us. He wanted to check how long we can manage without him.

Trouble In Facebook Paradise


How many young busy little bees all over the world dream about working in Facebook? You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know this answer without using the full capacity of your brain power or the Internet itself, do you? Facebook does not have to worry about the potential employees.

Why? Because, there are so many of them are standing and waiting patiently in the line. However, there are some rumors about the dark side of the moon. Some of them are obviously exaggerated, but some are simply true. You hear them, and you simply know. There are 24/7 on the watch assignments.

You are not supposed to leave a town. Not to mention the drinking during the period of high alert state. In addition, it makes a perfect sense for your family or friends to bother you each day with their annoying requests and questions, because they know you are working for their favorite social network.

What about the relationships between the employees themselves? Sometimes, this can be a living hell, just like in any other company under a tremendous pressure. Finally, Mark Zuckerberg worries more about Google’s business, than his own and only cyber child. Think twice before sending him your CV. Right?

Facebook vs The Sitting Bull


We all know that native Indians have colorful and meaningful names. However, in the world of modern social networks this can be a huge disadvantage, rather than a “competitive” advantage we can envy them for. So, what is the catch with Facebook and native Indian names?

Well, it turns out that you cannot register on Facebook, if you have a name, which has some other meaning. Why? Facebook thinks that these names are the fake ones. And you know how it goes with the rigorous Facebook policy, when it comes to an unconditional obligation to use only your “real” name, don’t you?

Unfortunately, these Indians have only their own names, as they are. There are no alternatives. So, the Sitting Bull can simply forget about a Facebook account. Why have nit they tried to communicate the Facebook support about this annoying problem? Trust us, they have done their best.

They scanned their IDs. Library membership cards. They wrote letters of explanations and protests. All of those in vain. It seems that Facebook is both deaf and blind, when it comes to some basic rights of native Indians. Do they have to come up with a social network of their own? Any other option?