Web Camera – Real Trouble


Do you put something over your web camera? Do not be shy. You are among your friends. According to the findings of the Kaspersky Lab one in five persons does it on a regular basis. On the other hand, in China, one in two people does not forget to disable his or her web camera in such a way. Why?

Well, it is quite simple. No one likes to be watched. We all appreciate our privacy. Especially when we sit in front our computers in the comfort of our homes. Some of us do not like to wear too much clothes in such situations. Some of us have tons of notes next to their computers. Is this enough for you?

However, you should be fully aware that there is no absolute protection in this matter. Although, your web camera may be neutralized, its microphone still works and records with no troubles. In addition, your pictures or videos you make with a web camera can be intercepted, as well.

Here is a simpler solution. Buy yourself a laptop or tablet with no web camera. How about the guys, who are disabling their smartphone cameras? Our privacy related fears and paranoia makes us to apply primitive and inefficient safety measures. Someone is watching you while you read this post.

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