Pavlock With An Electric Stroke


There is no such a thing as the crazy startup. With only one condition. As long as it delivers the truly efficient results everything and anything is allowed. In order to read this post you are strongly advised to Google a little bit, including some Wiki research about the Russian scientist Pavlov and his experiments.

This is how we have ended up with the new startup called the Pavlock. This is a new type of a smart bracelet. Its way of motivating you is through electroshocks. Yes, you heard it nice and clear. Either you will comply with your schedule and goals or you will suffer pain. Oh dear, what is next?

In addition, what are the possible implications? We do not even dare to think about it. What if someone comes up with an idea about the smart collars? Do we really have to apply these drastic measures in order to achieve our goals? Yet, if it is going to work for you to live a healthy life, let it be.

Smart bracelets with electroshocks for smart people. What is wrong with this picture? If you are a smart and reasonable person, why do you need electroshocks to remind you about what you need or must not do, in the very first place? Smart devices and dumb people. Or, smart people and dumb devices.

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