Gmail Attachments With A New Address


From now on, you can find all of your Gmail attachments on your Google Drive account. So, what is up with this one? We are a little bit confused. This is supposed to be a good or a bad news for us? It comes without saying that can be a nice and cozy feature for Gmail users. We have to give them a credit for that.

On the other side, we cannot help ourselves noticing an obvious attempt of Google to push up a little bit the use of its cloud services. Now, let us examine what is very likely to happen with our cyber security. This is not such a smart thing to do. It is just like you put all of your data eggs in one gasket.

This can potentially allow easier access for the hackers. All they have to do is to get your Google Drive account. No need to mess up or waste time with the Gmail account in the first place. For the sake of all of us, we sure hope that Google knows what he is doing with this one. Otherwise, we are in serious trouble.

It comes without saying that our attachments are very often the most vulnerable and important parts of our emails. Sure thing, we need to do something that will ease our use and downloading process. However, we should not compromise our security with this new option. Right? Otherwise, what is the use?

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