Kingston DataTraveler + Eset Antivirus = ?


Ah, the good old days, when all new USBs used to come with the perfectly suited portable version of some popular antivirus. What happened in the meantime? Its majesty commercialization is to be held responsible in this case. So many invaluable chances for the improvement of our cyber security lost.

It is worth mentioning that sometimes can be extremely efficient to fight fire with fire. You do not have to be a rocket scientist or a cyber security expert to know that the USB is one of the most common sources of cyber infection, do you? And, unfortunately that is only the beginning of cyber troubles.

According to the recent discoveries, we were able to find out about the malicious firmware and totally undetectable USB malware. It turns out that so many troubles can jump out the tiny device for your computer. Therefore, this can be a nice way for restoring the shaken trust among the USB users.

We sure hope that we will be able to see more of this USB and antivirus teaming up. The larger a certain mobile memory device is, the more serious antivirus should follow. Spread the word of the cyber security with each and any computer you touch with your USB. Do we have a more important mission than this one?

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