VR Crime


No matter how hard you try, you simply cannot predict the entire scope of potential VR (Virtual Reality) applications. The time has come to fight the real crime with the Virtual Reality. How? Well, we can now identify potential sex predators more easily and much more accurately. Here is how it works?

The VR is all about the simulation. We simulate and then we evaluate. To potential sex predators cannot help themselves, when it comes to the potentially harmful impulses for the other people. When they commit a crime, it is pretty much too late to talk about the proper prevention, isn’t it?

You need a reliable, accurate and above harmless system of identification. The last thing you need is a potential Hanibal Canibal, whom you have to get close to the potential victims in order to evaluate his reactions. The VR world takes the care of it. You can simulate as much as you like in a safe environment.

We have all we need. Now, all what we need to do is to find the test subjects. The tricky part is to come up with the appropriate criteria. Unfortunately, no one told us how to conduct the selection process of the potential sex predators. For this one the VR cannot help you. You need real people to do it properly.

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