Simple, Simpler, Safe


Sometimes you just cannot see the forest for the trees, can you? We are so worried about our endangered privacy on the Internet, and yet we do not do much about it to protect us. At the same time, we are looking for the miraculous solutions, which are expensive and complex by default. So, what is wrong with this picture?

Well, there are so many nice apps, which are more or less efficient, when it comes to the protection of your privacy. They are ready and waiting to be discovered and used, as well. You do not need a list of recommended apps. You do not need to read endless reviews. Just do it. Just install and try them for yourself.

On the other hand, our reckless behavior is the worst enemy our online privacy can possibly have. Right? Do we have to mention user names and passwords, which are totally identical. Or, passwords which include only one word with no numbers or capital letters, such as the password itself?

Let us do something for a change. Something simple and thoughtful at the same time. How hard could it be? We have the most powerful weapons against the espionage and data theft our world has ever seen – our brain and time. Yet, we tend to use and waste them for so many other useless things.

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