Don’t Lie And Drive


What is wrong with this post’s title? Actually nothing, it is perfectly fine. The days when we used to say, do not drink and drive, are long gone. Nowadays, you are required to tell the truth, and nothing but the truth, in order for your car to allow you to drive. Are you still confused about what we have just said?

Our story about the unparalleled lie detector for drunk drivers begins in Germany. Some busy little bees have actually recorded hundreds and hundreds of hours, which include drunk driver talks. Based on these recordings they have come up with a genuine software solution. What does it do?

Well, as soon as you try to start your car you will be required to have a convenient conversation with it. If you convince your car’s computer that you are not drunk, you are good to go. Otherwise, you will not able to start the engine. Is this a reliable solution? Hard to say, without some thorough testings.

For what is worth, this is a huge step forward for the AI. The possible applications for this intriguing software solution are not limited only to the traffic safety control, that is for sure. We have to look for the wider picture. The AI will be able to communicate with us in a much profound and precise way.

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