The Millennium Bug Has A Cousin


Oh dear, just when we thought that the cyber things can get any worse than this. It turns out that there is one more Millennium Bug set for the 2038. In other words, somewhere during the January of this year our cyber world will meet its end, this way or another. Why? For the same reasons the millennium bug threatened us.

We will try to avoid the rocket science in this story as much as possible. This so-called the year 2038 problem targets specifically the 32-bit systems. For what is worth, the 64-bit crew can relax. At least for a while. On the other hand, what are we supposed to do in the meantime? How many years we have left?

Some 23 years, more or less. Right? Plenty of time to come up with a solution. Yet, what is going to happen to the cyber world as we know it today? Two decades are more than enough time to reinvent all what we know and use beyond recognition and the most optimistic expectations. What does it mean?

Maybe, in the year 2038 there will be nothing to damage for this bug, in the first place. Remind us what happened with the millennium bug in the year 2000? We are still alive and typing, as well. Right? Maybe, we are worrying too much. There are some other more dangerous things, which deserve our attention. More than this one.

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