The Omnipresence Game


Do not act surprised, because we all know that you have not been entirely honest to yourself. It has been only a matter of time before someone will come up with an idea to put real people in the video games. This is exactly what has happened with the Omnipresence game. So, what is it all about?

Well, for the start you need real people on both sides. One group to control and the other one to be controlled.  Voluntarily. That is the most important condition to participate. So, in simpler words, you accept to become someone’s avatar of flesh and blood in the cyber world. What is next?

You either control someone’s actions or choices, or you submit your will to your cyber lord. It is absolutely crazy, and it is extremely popular. What is happening to us? Why do we want to play the Sims with the real people? Is it funny or an inevitable necessity of our brave new digital age? There is no easy answer.

So, what is going to happen with this game? Who is going to win? Or, are we all going to lose eventually? We have no intention to ask what is the next thing in the gaming world. Somehow we have this feeling it is not going to be an easy thing to digest, after all. Our virtual life has become a real game.

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