Forshaw’s Patch


There is a busy little cyber bee, who works in Google. One day, we are not quite sure if he was curious or bored, this bee has discovered a serious security flaw in Windows 8.1. This guy works and publish under a nickname Forshaw. So, are you eager to know what went wrong with Windows 8.1?

Apparently, there is a way for you to gain administrator’s privileges, and all of that completely undetected. What can you do with them? Well, it comes without saying that in this case sky is the limit. Literally. Forshaw has done both necessary things in this unfortunate and embarrassing situation.

On the side, he has informed Microsoft directly about his findings. On the other side, he has published his conclusions supported with the proper evidence. So far, Microsoft has been silent on this one. Nevertheless, it is only a matter of time before the new patch hits our cyber shores with a solution.

For what is worth, Microsoft itself has some other troubles on its mind. What is going to happen with the new Windows 10 and how successful it is going to be? This is undoubtedly the mother of all questions for Microsoft at this moment. We sure hope that this bug will not wish to move to the new OS version.

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