Bad Apps


Is there such a thing as a bad app? Well, it is hard to tell. Why? On the one hand, you newbie apps, which are jumping out in an unprecedented number. On the other hand, it all comes down to the matter of your personal preferences. However, some apps are really the bad ones. No question about it.

Here is a quick overview of the most notorious ones. Unfortunately, this list can never be a final one. Girls Around Me is not a nice thing, if you are a girl whose movement is being tracked by an app. What about the app called Me So Holly? It shows you how would you look like a Jesus. The Door of Hope is not what you think.

This app tries to cure your homosexuality in 60 days. In addition, do you really want to know Who Is Jew? This app included a list of celebrity names for such a purpose. I Am Rich app allowed you to brag around for a symbolic price of only $999,99. With the Phone Story you could see how it looks making a phone in the third world country.

So, why are we telling you this story about the controversial apps? Well, there is no such a thing as a bad app police. That is why you have to keep your eyes open and alarm the cyber community as soon as you see one. There is no more efficient way to ensure the removal of a harmful app, than through a powerful public criticism. Have you seen one?

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