One In Four


There are some impressive and intriguing statistics, we just cannot decide whether or not they are pessimistic or optimistic ones. We leave it up to you to decide. Here is goes. Buckle up for this ground shaking news. It seems that one in four hackers in the USA is actually working for the FBI.

Or, some other government agency. So, what is the trouble with this discovery? We hate to disappoint you, but you have no other choice than to look for the bigger picture. When you hear something like this, it can mean only one thing. The government is in the full control of the entire situation.

If you have so many whistleblowers deeply incorporated into the living tissue of the US hackers’ community, then there is nothing to worry about. Right? Or, maybe we are facing a much greater danger than the hackers themselves. What are your feelings about the state sponsored hackers?

We like to complain about the North Korean, Chinese or Russian state sponsored hacker groups. However, we tend to forget our own good boys in black, who are doing the bad things in the cyber world. What if this one in four is actually a hacker’s team leader? Who is responsible for all the trouble?

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