Galaxy S(ecurity) 6


Here is a promise in the air. It is entirely up to you, whether or not you are going to fall for it. Among other shiny and memorable things and features the new Samsung Galaxy 6 is supposed to do something useful for our security and privacy, as well. Can you guess what could it possibly be? Do you dare?

For what is worth, your finger comes with a big secret. There is a serious rumor about the new and improved ID fingerprint scanner. All what it would be necessary for you to do in order to use it properly is to press the specially designed area. That is all. No left or right. No forward or back. Only a simple touch. not want to spoil the party, nor ruin your optimistic mood, but there is an unavoidable dark cloud in the Samsung’s Galaxy. You have probably heard that there is a way to hack this fingerprint scan technology. Apparently, there is a way you can take the pictures of a fingerprint in order to trick the system.

This is a nice initiative and an effort, which deserves some honest respect on our end. However, what is going to happen with the old enemy within? Who or what is going to protect us from the malicious things we cannot touch with our precious and sensitive fingers? How about that Samsung for a change?

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