Facebook vs The Sitting Bull


We all know that native Indians have colorful and meaningful names. However, in the world of modern social networks this can be a huge disadvantage, rather than a “competitive” advantage we can envy them for. So, what is the catch with Facebook and native Indian names?

Well, it turns out that you cannot register on Facebook, if you have a name, which has some other meaning. Why? Facebook thinks that these names are the fake ones. And you know how it goes with the rigorous Facebook policy, when it comes to an unconditional obligation to use only your “real” name, don’t you?

Unfortunately, these Indians have only their own names, as they are. There are no alternatives. So, the Sitting Bull can simply forget about a Facebook account. Why have nit they tried to communicate the Facebook support about this annoying problem? Trust us, they have done their best.

They scanned their IDs. Library membership cards. They wrote letters of explanations and protests. All of those in vain. It seems that Facebook is both deaf and blind, when it comes to some basic rights of native Indians. Do they have to come up with a social network of their own? Any other option?

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