There are almost 100,000 Gmail accounts, which have or use the identical password: 123456. Can you believe it? What is wrong with all these people? We should not forget the reckless guys, who just cannot get enough of the timeless classic: password. Some guys were a little bit smarter. How exactly?

They have included some modifications. How about “p@ssword” or “passw0rd”, for a change? We just cannot get enough of these hilarious security flaws. What needs to happen to make us change our harmful habits? We keep complaining about the dangerous cyber world we live in, don’t we?

On the other side, we fail to include even the most basic security measures. And, we still have the nerve to hope for the best. This is a perfect disaster scenario for any field in life, not only the cyberspace. You can rest assured that hackers all over the world are praying for more of these “passwords”.

So, what is the moral of our cozy disturbing story? The epic journey to the very next level of your magical cyber security begins right now with the simplest step you can possibly imagine or do? How hard could it possibly be? Which reminds us to change the password for our blog. We have to go.

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