Are You FREAKing Out?


With its latest update IOS 8.2, Apple has allegedly solved the so-called “freak” security flaw. We can all relax now. Business as usual. Right? So, what went wrong and why did we need this security update, in the first place? This may come as a huge and painful surprise, but think about the encryption itself?

Why? Unfortunately, Apple’s crown jewel in terms of impeccable security features turn out to be its Achilles’ heel. The hackers could not go through the encryption layers with an ease you move through your favorite cheese, but the illusion is being broken. And now, there is no way back. Right?

The IOS 8.2 among other things was an admittance that the integrated encryption of our messages was not as powerful as we initially thought. Perhaps, the biggest danger, came from our false belief that we are bulletproof while in the encryption zone. We cannot tell for certain, can we?

Yet, it makes a perfect sense, doesn’t it? So, we are safe now. Nothing to worry about. We do not want to spoil this lovely mood, but you should be fully aware that while we are writing something is cooking in Apple’s kitchen. The IOS 8.3 is to hit your device anytime soon. What is the problem, now?

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