Ridding The TrustWave


Who says that the most profitable transfers and takeovers in the cyber world are reserved for the luxurious world of social networks and apps. The Asian IT giant Singtel is to prove us all wrong. For what is worth, these busy little bees have decided to ride the TrustWave for a change. What is the goal?

Well, the TrustWave is one of the most recognizable names in the world of cyber security. This takeover was worth more than $800 million. Finally, someone has figured out that the IT security is both profitable and important. We dare to say that this is only the beginning of the eye-catching cyber security takeovers.

If you have not been secured, then how can you make profit in the first place? You want to cut costs and improve company’s efficiency, then there is no better and simpler way than through the cyber security field. Do you think that the Singtel paid too much for the TrustWave takeover? Seriously?

If you are one of those cyber bees, who think that the IT security is an unreasonable cost or even a luxury, then the next time your system gets infected you will realize how reckless was to have thoughts such as this one. Rest assured that the Singtel will make billions of dollars in the near future.

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