Scrapbook = Kidsbook


Kids’ privacy is always in danger. The social networks are the notorious El Dorado for all kinds of children’s picture misuses. When it comes to this, Facebook is definitely not an exception. That is why Facebook has decided to do something about it, for real. Welcome to the new book – Scrapbook.

What is this book all about? Well, it is actually quite simple. Here, the parents can put their kids photo in one place. This option is open to all minors’ parents under 13. As you probably know, this age is a limit imposed for creating an independent Facebook account. So, what do we get in return?

Your kids’ photos get an invaluable extra privacy protection. The parents will have an easy task of deciding with whom and how to share these extremely sensitive pictures. Our hats off to Facebook for making it possible to have a book within a book. The invaluable extra layer of privacy protection.

We sure hope that the other social networks love their users’ children too. Save the children of social networks that is our next homework. We have to be dead serious about it. For what is worth, YouTube has already launched the special channel for kids only. We need more kids oriented social networks.

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