Your New WatchDog WatchDox


BlackBerry has acquired the WatchDox. So, what is the big deal about this takeover? And, who is this WatchDox? What does it do? Well, for what is worth, BlackBerry got its cyber hands on one of the most serious players in the field of content security. Now, we are confused. What is the plan?

It is not a secret that BlackBerry struggles really hard in order to stay alive under the new mobile circumstances, including the new smart kids on the block. Once upon a business time, one in every two mobile phones in the USA was a BlackBerry model. Now, all we have is a famous brand name.

When it comes to the business survival, you do not do what you like, but rather what you can sell. One serious rumor has it that Google is eager to team up with the BlackBerry itself. Why? What could possibly BlackBerry offer to Google? Some cyber security know-how and security software, as well.

The latest BlackBerry models Passport and Classic are more of a reminder what is this proud mobile pioneer all about, than a serious threat to Apple or Samsung. Who knows, maybe we are to discover again that the cyber security can be a nice way to ensure both business survival and stimulative profit.

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