Hit The Spartan For $15K


Here is a new bug bounty in our cyber-town. Someone may say that our dear old grandpa Microsoft is desperate, but to us it looks as a thoughtful move. If you can find a vulnerability in the new IE called Spartan, the grandpa Microsoft will reward your cyber bug bounty with the $15,000 cash.

The new browser Spartan is supposed to be a crown jewel of the latest and brightest Windows 10. Therefore, Microsoft just cannot afford itself a luxury of going through an embarrassing and troubling security problem associated with the Spartan itself. Is this amount enough for the trouble?

Well, for what is worth, these are tough times for the professional cyber-bug-bounty-hunters. If you avoid a common trap of not being paid at all, in the first place, the best case scenario ends up with the $5,000. On the other side, this is the cheapest and the most efficient solution for Microsoft.

It is better to pay before a security failure escalates, than to heal it afterwards. Because, it is going to be much cheaper and significantly less painful for both Microsoft and its users. Our hats off to Microsoft for this bug bounty decision, which comes right on time. Bug hunters get to work. Right now.

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