The Pirate Percentages


Imagine a world with no cyber-pirates. Imagine a moment where all computers all over the world will use and run only the fully legitimate and legal software and licenses. Would not that be a sight? Yet, what could this unrealistic scenario change for real? Does it mean that you would be a happier person?

Or, maybe you will have less money to spend on other things? Why? The pirate software version is substantially cheaper, by default. Here is a catch. In the EU alone, more than 70 million jobs, which is almost one third of its entire labor market, depends one way or another on the proper protection of the intellectual property rights.

When you mess up with the intellectual property and copyrights in the wrong way, there is no win-win scenario. Someone will always lose. Strong legal pressure means that we will pay more. Cyber loopholes can allow pirates to give us cheaper functional alternatives. Yet, that is a loss for the corporate world.

And, here we are where we are, where we have been all of this time. There will be some cosmetic changes, but the main troubles will remain the same more or less. Pirates are not going to disappear, and a software is not going to be offered for free. Our cyber seas will be restless for quite some time.

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