Bad Cyber Boys With Real Toys


How do you imagine an average hacker from your neighborhood? A harmless and innocent teenager, a little bit overweight, who spends days and nights on a keyboard, under the Coca-Cola and pizza delivery ambalage. Well, if this is a case, then you are both helplessly and dangerously romantic.

What would you say, if you were to hear that more than 60% of cyber criminals already have the real-life criminal record. How about this for a change? I am not a criminal in a traditional sense, I am merely a freedom fighter on a keyboard. This hacker’s statement is just so far from the reality, isn’t it?

So, what is the moral of our story? When you are a criminal, it does not matter where you get caught. The virtual world is not an excuse for the real one, and vice-versa. Do your best to keep it clean and flawless in both worlds. What is even more important forget about the wrong kind of empathy.

There is no point in feeling sorry for the hackers and all kinds of cyber criminals. We do not need fake heroes. Your friendly neighbor hacker has not hurt anyone in the virtual world, but there is a 60% chance that someone is suffering in the real world as a result of his wrongful doings. Think about it.

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