The ads are annoying. The ads are running your good mood. Yet, the notorious world of ads can be surprisingly innovative when attracting your attention is an absolute must for their basic business survival. Now, put some of the adult websites into this story and what do you get as a result?

The worst case scenario, that is for sure. If you can help yourself against the overwhelming online porn impulses, then you should be fully aware of the most recent changes in this field. It turns out that as soon as you visit some of the adult website you are already “adoomed” before you know it.

What is that supposed to mean exactly? Well, in order for your system to get infected with the ads you would not consider looking under the normal circumstances, you do not have to interact with a certain adult website. The simple visit is all what is required. And unfortunately, that is only the beginning.

These ads are going to be patient for a while before launching their merciless campaign of an endless annoyance. It seems that the bad-ad-boys did a proper homework. In case, you are already wondering how to get rid of these ads, we have to warn you. This is a hot topic for one of our next posts.

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