Through Congress To Security Progress


It may sound a little bit unorthodox, but in the world of cyber security a debate is actually a positive thing to witness first-hand. So, who has a responsibility of pushing the security things in the right direction? Some fingers pointing impatiently and with expectations in the Congress’ direction.

Do we really need a legislative “motivation” to improve the security standards associated with our credit cards and available online payment solutions? As you might have guessed from the enclosed picture in this post, there is no opinion free of dispute nor controversy.

Business representative would gladly accept the push from the Congress in this field. On the other side, the busy little bees behind the cyber security industry are surprisingly up to a more flexible approach. Why? If there is a law, there has to be some responsibility, as well. Right?

We sure hope that the hackers will not take an advantage of this ridiculous situation where two sides are arguing over a simple and painfully obvious thing. You do not have to go to Congress, in order to achieve security progress, do you? Or, maybe there is no other way?

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