Develop or Buy, Buy or Cry?


Should you develop your own fully customized cyber security solution, or rather simply buy an existing one? There is a third option, as well. You can adapt some solution, you have previously acquired. All options are free to use and explore. Just like there is no answer for this puzzle.

As always, it all comes down to your choice and inner voice. Do not waste your time looking for a universal advice, because you are going to end up in a huge disappointment. Maybe, we have moved in the wrong direction all of this time. Here is an additional explanation for this claim.

Do we really to trouble our brain over this unnecessary dilemma? The real question is quite a different one. What are you waiting for? Do you really need to think twice before introducing an appropriate solution, which may or may not be tailored to our specific needs? If this is a case, then what?

Then, you have already left an open door for the hackers. Then, you have lost a right to complain. While you are wondering what to do, the hackers are deciding where to attack. It is more than obvious that cyber security is not a place for philosophers, nor for dilemmas, such as to be or not to be my cyber security.

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