Walking On The Edge Of Security


We know it already. We know it all too well. Grandpa Microsoft throws all it has at shiny and new Windows 10. There is a paradise at the end of the Windows 10 rainbow, waiting for all of us. You can even play Candy Crush Saga once you get there. However, grandpa Microsoft is an extremely experienced cyber-road warrior.

It knows that all of our expectations and demands can come and go, easily, but one is to stay and play. The cyber security will patiently wait for its audience turn. Perhaps, this is the very reason grandpa Microsoft had promised us that the new Internet Explorer (aka Edge (aka Spartan)), will solve all of our security troubles and doubts.

We should not walk on the edge of cyber security with the Edge itself. Never again. Should we buy it, both Microsoft’s claim and product itself? Should we try it? We sure hope that the busy little bees in Microsoft do not treat Windows 10 promotion as an election year.

Otherwise, Windows 10 can easily end up as an unsuccessful political experiment where the overwhelming disappointment of its users ruined the party. Therefore, MS Edge has to be a true work of art in terms of cyber security, or else… Grandpa Microsoft you know the consequences, don’t you?

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