Bill & Ted’s Deep Web Adventure


If you are a huge Bill & Ted fan, then you definitely appreciate each and any rare opportunity to see Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter together. Yet, how about a documentary? Can this work for you? At the same time, we have not quite used to see these hilarious team in some more serious roles.

Here is an unprecedented surprise for these two. Alex Winter took care of organizing a mind blowing documentary about the so-called Deep Web. On the other side, Keanu Reeves narrated the whole thing. The final results were really impressive. They went deep into the Deep Web, that is for sure.

As soon as you hear Keanu’s voice-over, you will get this unpleasant and cold Matrix feeling. When it comes to the Deep Web aka Dark Net, you cannot make a movie with a happy end. Nevertheless, it is unreasonable to treat this invaluable part of the World Wide Web with superstition and fear.

Our hats off to these two most unlikely cyber heroes. We loved them when they used to entertain us. We should appreciate when they are trying to warn us. Our ignorance is the worst enemy of both worlds the real and the virtual one. What is the Matrix? What is the Deep Web?

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