Don’t Apple Watch And Drive


One driver had to pay a $120 ticket. What for? He was using his Apple Watch while driving. Obviously, the police does not like to see you look for a favorite song while being stuck in traffic. So, what is the moral of this story? New technologies brought us new troubles?

One of the police officers was a little bit more thoughtful in this matter. His word of advice is that we have to catch up with the new devices in terms of appropriate laws and regulations. We do not want reckless drivers on our streets. However, we also do not want to pay a huge price for our precious cyber-pets.

For the time being there is no acceptable middle ground for both parties. We are pretty much convinced that the authorities are exaggerating. On the other hand, the police officers on the field believe that the new smart devices strongly contribute to the reckless and dangerous behavior behind the wheel.

It seems that we have to come up with a new series of smart devices, which will be safe-drive-friendly. Until then, we should think twice before pressing shining buttons while driving. We do not want for smart devices put us in the dumb situations, do we? Do not Apple Watch and drive!

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