You Like Familiar To Windows 10 Mobile


Until we get it for real, we are going to hear so many intriguing things about the new Windows 10. It can do this or that. It will do this or that. Some of the things are great, and we cannot wait to get our fingers on them. On the other side, some just make us so worried. So, how about this one?

From now on, the front camera of your Lumia phone thanks to Windows 10 Mobile will come with the facial recognition system. The plan is to make your life much simpler for you. Your smartphone recognizes you, and you are good to go. No password is needed. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Now, let us examine some additional options. Who else is going to recognize you, besides your cyber pet called a smartphone? So, we are supposed to believe that nothing bad or unwanted is not going to happen. Seriously? What about the people around us? This camera is going to treat us nice.

Well, we are not convinced. Not, at all. Actually, the number and power of these facial recognition systems worry us deeply. What are we supposed to do about it? To wear sunglasses all the time? To hide away from our own smartphone? No, this is definitely a bad idea. Think about it again grandpa Microsoft.

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