RIAA vs BitTorrent


Even if you are hesitating to admit it, at least a little bit, we all know everything there is to know about BitTorrent, don’t we? Yet, what is the catch with this confusing abbreviation the RIAA? Can you guess what it stands for? To tell you the truth, we had to ask Google, in order to get a proper answer.

The RIAA stands for The Recording Industry Association of America, and now our post’s title makes a perfect sense to us. The RIAA has decided to complain about the “alleged” BitTorrent’s lack of compliance with the rigorous copyrights and intellectual property laws.

Is not this a little bit too late? In addition, we got used to seeing only Hollywood complaints in this field. So, now it is the music industry’s turn to strike back. As you might have expected it, in its own defense the busy little bees in BitTorrent said that the users themselves are to be blamed.

We all know, how this one is going to end, don’t we? Either BitTorrent will comply unconditionally, or we will witness the last moment of the BitTorrent. Something huge is going on for sure. The entertainment empire has decided to strike back, like never before. Is there a next chapter in this story?

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