RIAA vs BitTorrent


Even if you are hesitating to admit it, at least a little bit, we all know everything there is to know about BitTorrent, don’t we? Yet, what is the catch with this confusing abbreviation the RIAA? Can you guess what it stands for? To tell you the truth, we had to ask Google, in order to get a proper answer.

The RIAA stands for The Recording Industry Association of America, and now our post’s title makes a perfect sense to us. The RIAA has decided to complain about the “alleged” BitTorrent’s lack of compliance with the rigorous copyrights and intellectual property laws.

Is not this a little bit too late? In addition, we got used to seeing only Hollywood complaints in this field. So, now it is the music industry’s turn to strike back. As you might have expected it, in its own defense the busy little bees in BitTorrent said that the users themselves are to be blamed.

We all know, how this one is going to end, don’t we? Either BitTorrent will comply unconditionally, or we will witness the last moment of the BitTorrent. Something huge is going on for sure. The entertainment empire has decided to strike back, like never before. Is there a next chapter in this story?

No Play For The Pirate Bay


One of the latest news in the world of torrents that the Pirate Bay is alive again online turns out to be a fake one. You should pay attention. The fake websites can be the extremely efficient phishing places rich with malware and all kinds of trojans. Yet, that is only the beginning of troubles associated with the Pirate Bay.

The long arms of the cyber blood thirsty Hollywood have found a way to hit the mobile weak points, as well. Google had no other option than to remove all mobile apps directly or indirectly associated with the Pirate Bay. Unfortunately, the developers were the collateral damage in this cyber war.

From now on you cannot download The Pirate Bay Proxy, The Pirate Bay Premium, The Pirate Bay Mirror or the PirateApp. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know that the almighty entertainment industry wants to make an example out of the Pirate Bay itself, do you? With this one the entire torrent structure can collapse.

The sad thing in this story is either an unwillingness to find a compromising solution or meaningless stubbornness, which prevents us from finding a way to deal with torrents in an acceptable way. We will always strive for a free content. How to fight this basic instinct? Hollywood, you can do better than this.

The Wrong Torrent Moment


Finally, some busy little bee from the entertainment industry has put two and two together and decided to pay a visit to the Google itself. Why? Well, to ask Google to do something about the piracy trouble. What would be a role of Google in a situation such as this one? Can it do something about it?

It turns out it can. With no need to eliminate the piracy websites. The catch is in the search engines. The cyber pirates are dependant on the substantial number of visits on a daily basis to ensure that their illegitimate business makes money. So, Google struck them, when it hurts the most.

From now on, if your website uses something like “torrent”, “watch movie online”, “free this”, or “free that” as the keyword, you can forget about the eye-catching positioning on the top Google pages. The Isohunt crew already reported that the number of visits has dropped for more than 50% in the last couple of months.

On the other side, the pirates from the Pirate Bay support this Google move. Why? They believe that this is the only way to ensure the reliable number of direct visits. Either way the tide for the cyber pirates has changed. They can no longer count on Google indifferent role. How do you feel about it? Honestly.